NFC Solution

Rakuten Edy, nanaco, and WAON

FeliCa is used in Rakuten group's Edy. Seven Card Service's nanaco, and AEON's Waon e-maony systems. These accounts can also be incorporated in mobile phones (Osaifu- Keitai) for payment.

e-Money Band

An Rakuten Edy e-money wristband is now available. Strap the band on your wrist, and there's no need to curry change or a wallet with you to buy a drink during jogging

RISNY Edy Watch

RISNY Edy watches, jointly developed by Dai Nippon Printing and Wakon, incorporate a FeliCa IC chip. The watches can serve as a membership card or ticket in addition to having e-money function.

Regional Card Solutions

FeliCa Pocket benefits communities though card services as community currency and shopping distrct loyalty points to vitalize local business across Japan.