NFC Solution

ID cards at U.S. universities

Sony has partnered with Blackboard to provide campus solutions using FeliCa-based ID cards and NFC reader/writers. Starting with Santa Clara University, many universities across the U.S. utilize the solutions to realize cashless payment, access control and other service on campus.

Golf Course Membership Card

FeliCa cards can be used as membership cards for a golf course in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The multi-applications function can be used for loyalty programs, for access control and or payment at the golf facilities.

Fitness Club Membership Cards

At some Tipness fitness clubs in Japan, members wear FeliCa-equipped wristbands called TIP GEAR to check in , open lockers, and pay for purchases with Rakuten Edy e-money. The wristband can be wom during fitness activities thanks to heat-resistant and waterproof functionality.

FeliCa Cards/Osaifu-Keitai for Residential
Access Control

Kesaka System offers a keyless entry system
enabling residents to lock or unlock doors using
FeliCa cards or mobile phones. The e-key
systems provides high security and
reassurance against crime.