NFC Solution

One-touch functions that use NFC

Until now, the majority of data transmissions have been sent via cables. Wireless connections are also available, but setup is cumbersome and they can be difficult to use. Using NFC technology to authorize devices with a single tap, Sony has developed One- touch functions capable of data transmission. An increasing range of products comes equipped with this capability.

One - touch Listening

Simply tap your smartphone on a compatible speaker to wirelessly
transmit the signal to play music.

One - touch Mirroring

Simply tap your smartphone on a compatible TV remote to send content or sound wirelessly to the big screen.

One - touch Sharing

Simply touch two smartphones
together to wirelessly transfer
data or content.

One - touch Backup

Simply tap your smartphone on a Personal Content StationTM to send and save data wirele.

FeliCa-compatible Game Machine

PLAYSTATION 3 IS compatible with FeliCa based payment. To purchase downloadable online games with e-money, simply connect an optional PaSoRi contactless IC card reader to the USB port.

NFC touch & type Keyboard

At some Tipness fitness clubs in Japan, members wear FeliCa-equipped wristbands called TIP GEAR to check in , open lockers, and pay for purchases with Rakuten Edy e-money. The wristband can be wom during fitness activities thanks to heat-resistant and waterproof functionality.